EA-Matic, the add-in to automatically trigger your script in Enterprise Architect introduces the Developer Mode

EA-Matic is a free and open source add-in for Sparx Enterprise Architect, and is distributed as part of the Bellekens EA Toolpack

In order to enable Developer Mode, open the settings window and check the Developer Mode checkbox and fill in the Script Path.

The Developer Mode is registered per model. Typically you would enable this on your DEV model, but not on the TEST or PROD models.… Read more

The Bellekens EA toolpack, the free set of add-ins for Enterprise Architect has expanded with a new add-in: the EA TFS Connector.

This new add-in for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect synchronizes workitems 2-ways between EA and TFS (Microsoft Team Foundation Server), so both from TFS to EA as from EA to TFS.

The EA TFS Connector uses the REST API web-service of TFS to synchronize items, so no local TFS (Visual Studio) installation is required, and it also works with TFS version 2015, which isn’t the case with the standard Visual Studio MDG integration.… Read more

The three free and open source add-ins for Enterprise Architect : EA Navigator, EA-Matic and ECDM Message Composer have been combined in a convenient package called Bellekens EA Toolpack.

Bellekens EA Toolpack

Downloading any of the add-ins from the site now gets you an installer for the Bellekens EA Toolpack. With this installer you can install all three add-ins, or only the ones you require.

Bellekens EA Toolpack installer

The main reason for this change is the shared EA Addin Framework. Because all three add-ins use the same framework, there was a risk at version conflicts when two add-ins were installed on the same machine because each add-in installed its own version of the framework.… Read more

LieberLieber has released version 1.2.1 of their free EnAr Spy tool for Enterprise Architect Add-in developers about which I blogged before.

Not only have they improved some of the existing features and added some more, but they have now bundled the setup with some other free tools:

  • eaLauncher
    A tool to enabled/disabled EA add-ins when starting up EA
  • eaCommand
    A tool to document software projects using EA.

Attention! A more recent version of the EA Navigator is currently available.
See EA Navigator Downloads

A new feature has been added to the EA Navigator to navigate from an Operation to the Behavior set as its Method.
In my previous post UML Best Practice: One Operation = One Sequence diagram I explained how to set a behavior as the implementation of an operation in Enterprise Architect.

This feature is also available from Message context menu

Selecting the Implementation option will find the Behavior (Interaction, Activity or StateMachine) element that has been set as the Behavior of the operation

and select that element in the project browser.… Read more

Attention! A more recent version of the EA Navigator is currently available.
See EA Navigator Downloads

A new feature has been added to the EA Navigator to navigate from an Operation to all the CallOperationActions that call this operation.

The Calling Actions menu option will show all CallOperationActions that call the selected operation


More Information

More information about the EA Navigator add-in for Enterprise Architect can be found here:

Read more

Our friends at LieberLieber have released EnAr Spy a free tool for Enterprise Architect Add-in developers.

I already had the chance to try out this tool for a couple of weeks before it was released, and I must say, its a great help when developing add-ins.

What I like most about it is the fact that you can inspect any object directly from EA without having to into your IDE. Simply right-click and choose Element Details, and you get a window with ALL properties of the object you have selected, also the ones that are not exposed in the GUI of EA.… Read more


The EA Excel import-export tool can be used to export and import between Sparx Enterprise Architect and Excel. Using only an Excel file, and the built in macro’s you can use it to

  • Export and Import element and attribute data (including tagged values on elements and attributes)
  • Import the Glossary
  • Export and Import tagged values

Version 5.0

Version 5.0 adds a complete new import and export feature for elements and attributes.

  • Configure exactly what you would like to export using an SQL Query
  • Use GUID’s of elements and attributes to update items regardless of their location in the model
  • Define whether to create, update, or delete items using the Action column
  • Specify a datatypes package and link attribute types with the datatypes in the datatype package
  • Support for a lot more fields such as alias, version, status, initial value etc.
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EA JSON is an add-in for Sparx Enterprise Architect that enables you to model and generate JSON Schemas.

You can model JSON schemas in class diagrams with the JSON toolbox. Each of the JSON specific elements has custom properties specific to JSON schema items.

From a JSON Schema model you can then generate the JSON Schema file.



EA Mapping is part of the Bellekens EA Toolpack which includes other useful add-ins such as

When installing you can choose which of the tools you wish to install.… Read more

The EA Validator is an add-in that will help you validate the syntactical correctness of your EA model.

Validations as based on SQL queries and is fully customizable to your specific requirements. It comes with a set of example rules that may be used as is, or can serve as a basis for writing your own validation rules



EA Mapping is part of the Bellekens EA Toolpack which includes other useful add-ins such as


Open the settings via the menu option Specialize | EA Validator | Settings

  • Checks directory
    • Indicates the directory where the check files are located.
Read more

EA Mapping is an add-in for Enterprise Architect that allows you to map data models of all kinds to each other.

You can either map regular data models, or message models. The main difference between the two is that message models always start from a root element, whereas regular data models start from a package.The mappings can be made between Classes, Attributes and Associations, and allows for many-to-many mappings. For each mapping you can add a description of the mapping logic to be applied.… Read more

EA-Matic is an add-in for Sparx Enterprise Architect that enables rapid EA add-in development. It uses the built-in scripting features of EA to relieve you of developing, building and deploying full-blown EA add-ins.

Aimed at corporate environments it greatly reduces the time to introduce new functionality.

With EA-Matic you can develop your EA add-in using nothing but EA, and deploy changes instantly to all model users.

The possibilities are endless. You can validate your own modelling rules, keep your model consistent by preventing the deletion of elements that are still used, add your own context menus, or make self-maintaining diagrams.… Read more