The EA Excel import-export tool can be used to export and import between Sparx Enterprise Architect and Excel. Using only an Excel file, and the built in macro’s you can use it to

  • Export and Import element and attribute data (including tagged values on elements and attributes)
  • Import the Glossary
  • Export and Import tagged values

Version 5.0

Version 5.0 adds a complete new import and export feature for elements and attributes.

  • Configure exactly what you would like to export using an SQL Query
  • Use GUID’s of elements and attributes to update items regardless of their location in the model
  • Define whether to create, update, or delete items using the Action column
  • Specify a datatypes package and link attribute types with the datatypes in the datatype package
  • Support for a lot more fields such as alias, version, status, initial value etc.
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