The Bellekens EA toolpack v2.0 now has two completely new general purpose add-ins.

EA Validator

The EA Validator is an add-in that will help you validate the syntactical correctness of your EA model.

Validations as based on SQL queries and are fully customizable to your specific requirements. It comes with a set of example rules that may be used as is, or can serve as a basis for writing your own validation rules

EA Mapping

With EA Mapping you can map data models of all kinds to each other.… Read more


EA Mapping is an add-in for Enterprise Architect that allows you to map data models of all kinds to each other.

You can either map regular data models, or message models. The main difference between the two is that message models always start from a root element, whereas regular data models start from a package.The mappings can be made between Classes, Attributes and Associations, and allows for many-to-many mappings. For each mapping you can add a description of the mapping logic to be applied.… Read more

The Bellekens Enterprise Architect Toolpack contains all the free and open source add-ins offered by Bellekens.

General purpose add-ins

Specialized add-ins

All add-ins in this package are open source using the BSD-2 license



The Bellekens EA Toolpack requires .Net framework 4.5 which is already installed on most Windows installations.


When installing you can choose which of the tools you wish to install.… Read more