Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems is one of the leading modeling tools in the industry and unparalleled in giving you the best value for money.

  • Consultancy

    Looking for an expert to help you with Enterprise Architect? Geert Bellekens is one of the worlds leading experts on Enterprise Architect.

  • Licenses

    Contact us to get a quote for your EA licenses and renewals

  • Writing add-ins

    Everything you need to know about extending Enterprise Architect with your own add-in.

  • SQL Searches

    Quickly find stuff, or perform impact analysis with the powerful SQL Searches

  • Document Generation

    Learn how to create generate professional documents from your model

Free open source add-ins

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Need help with Enterprise Architect? Hire an expert!
As a Sparx Enterprise Architect consultant, Geert Bellekens is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts with regards to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Setup and deployment

  • Which Enterprise Architect configuration is best for us?Enterprise Architect Consultant
  • Should we use a central database or distributed .eapx or .qea files?
  • Should we use an external version control system or internal baselines?
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