Are you an Enterprise Architect user, but you need a helping hand from an expert now and then?

That is now entirely possible. With our support plans a trained professional has your back and will help you with anything related to Enterprise Architect, or the add-ins or scripts developed by Bellekens.

You can use the support contract to

  • General questions
    Submit general questions about the usage of Enterprise Architect or one of the add-ins developed by Bellekens. If we cannot fix it we will contact Sparx Systems support on your behalve in order to make sure the issue gets resolved.
  • Scripting
    You can also ask us to write a script to automate some repetitive tasks in Enterprise Architect.
  • Document Generation
    You can ask us to create new templates or modify existing templates in order to create those really good professional documents to use in handovers and sing-offs.
  • Add-in Development
    Bellekens has a growing portfolio of open source add-ins and tools. You can request new tools, or additions to existing tools.

Subscribe to one of our support plans described below.


You will receive a monthly invoice with all the details of the treated support tickets.

BaseBase hoursbase hourly ratebase amountextra 15 minutes **
No base*0€ 45
1 h base1€ 150€ 150€ 45
2 h base2€ 140€ 280€ 45
5 h base5€ 130€ 650€ 45
10 h base10€ 120€ 1.200€ 45

* If you choose for the option with No base the minimum charge is 1 hour. Extra work will be charged per extra 15 minutes. So your monthly invoice can either be €0, or it will be at least € 180
The other options have a base price that will be charged every month, regardless of there was an actual support request that month or not


You pay out front for a full year in support. In the event that the chosen plan doesn’t really fit your needs anymore we are quite flexible in changing your plan at any time.

BaseBase hoursprice per hourbase amountextra 15 minutes **
12 h base€ 12€ 140€ 1.680€ 35
24 h base€ 24€ 130€ 3.120€ 45
60 h base€ 60€ 120€ 7.200€ 45
120 h base€ 120€ 110€ 13.200€ 45

**Outside of the base hours foreseen in the support contract

When you sign up for a support contract you will be given a log-in and you can

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Sign up for a support contract by filing in the form below. You will receive a username and password shortly.

In case none of the proposed options work for you please leave a note in the comments field and we will surely be able to work something out.