In my previous post Abandoning the red-light district business model – ASIS I explained the current ICT freelance business, and how it is pretty similar to the way business is done in a red-light district.

Now I’m going to explore the possibilities of exiting this business model for a better business model. Better for the freelancer and the paying client, not better for the agencies.

But before we start looking for and alternative, we should first find out why this business model exists.… Read more

I’ve been a freelance ICT analyst since 2004, and let me tell you how this typically works when I’m looking for another contract.

First of all I need to let the world know that I’m available. So I strut my stuff and update my CV’s at, and

The next morning I need to keep my cell phone nearby, as starting at 8:30 in the morning it will start ringing. The next following days I talk to tens of over friendly sales boys or girls, all of them using my first name like they’ve known me for ages, about this great “opportunity” they have at their client in the financial or public sector.… Read more

There seem to be a lot of misconceptions about UML in the industry, but one of the most persistent is that UML is all about diagrams.

I’ve heard/read phrases like “UML is a collection of diagrams”, and even the Wikipedia page about UML mostly talks about the different diagrams rather then the actual elements and their structure.

Well let me tell you, UML is NOT about diagrams.

Even OMG thinks so as diagrams are hardly defined in the UML superstructure specification.… Read more