Our friends at LieberLieber have released EnAr Spy a free tool for Enterprise Architect Add-in developers.

I already had the chance to try out this tool for a couple of weeks before it was released, and I must say, its a great help when developing add-ins.

What I like most about it is the fact that you can inspect any object directly from EA without having to into your IDE. Simply right-click and choose Element Details, and you get a window with ALL properties of the object you have selected, also the ones that are not exposed in the GUI of EA.… Read more

Attention! A more recent version of the EA Navigator is currently available.
See EA Navigator Downloads

The EA Navigator is a free and open-source add-in for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect that allows for quick navigation between different elements in a model.

The EA Navigator is (currently the only) part of the Enterprise Architect Toolpack

EA Navigator 1.1 now navigates between:

  • Operations and Sequence diagrams
  • Types and Parameters
  • Types and Attributes




Once installed there should be a new menu option Navigate in the Add-Ins menu.… Read more

In previous posts I talked about Creating and Testing your Enterprise Architect C# add-in, and how to use the C# add-in template to speed up the development process.

Once created and tested you’ll probably want to install and use the add-in on other computers then your development machine. This tutorial explains how to create an MSI installer package using the open source SharpDevelop and WiX software.

The reason I’m using SharpDevelop as opposed to Visual Studio C# Express is because SharpDevelop is free and open source, and Visual Studio C# Express doesn’t allow to create setup projects, or attach to a running process to debug your add-in.… Read more