The EA TFS Connector is a free and open source add-in for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.
It synchronizes workitems between EA and TFS (Microsoft Team Foundation Server)

The EA TFS Connector uses the REST API web-service of TFS to synchronize items, so no local TFS installation is required.



EA TFS Connector requires .Net framework 4.5 which is already installed on most Windows installations.


EA TFS Connector is part of the Bellekens EA Toolpack which includes other useful add-ins such as

When installing you can choose which of the tools you wish to install.


In order to be able to see the correct statuses in you should configure all possible statuses from TFS as status in EA.

Use Configure | Project Types | General Types  to configure the statuses in EA


Once installed you will need to configure the add-in. Select the option Extensions | TFS Connector | Settings


  • TFS URL: sets the URL for the TFS server
  • Default Username: The username that will be used by default when connecting to TFS
  • Default Workitem:  The default type of workitem on TFS when creating new items
  • Default Status: The default status to use for new workitems on TFS
  • Default Project: When the project is not set on a package level (see Set Project) this project will be used by default.
  • TFS Filter Tag: The tag to be used to filter the workitems to synchronize to EA. If empty all workitems of the mapped types are synchronized. If filled in only the workitems with this tag will be synchronized.
  • Workitem Mappings: Defines which EA type or Stereotype should be mapped to which TFS type. In case of stereotypes you have to use the fully qualified name of the stereotype (e.g. Architmate2::Archimate_Requirement)

Set Project

Right click on any package in the project and select Extensions | TFS connector | Set Project

Once set this project will be valid for this package and the whole three underneath this package.


From a Package

Right click on the package where you would like to import the TFS workitems and select Extensions | TFS connector | TFS => EA

Select the type of workitem, and the type of EA element this should create.

When it is the first time in this session you connect to TFS you will be asked to enter your username and password.

The add-in will remember these credentials as long as EA is running.

When finished the add-in will inform you of the results:

From a single element

Right click on an element and Extensions | TFS connector | TFS => EA

This will update the workitem with the data from TFS.


You can also use the other way around and update or create workitems from EA to TFS.

Again you can choose either to select either a package or a single workitem. Then right click and select Extensions | TFS connector | EA => TFS

When selecting a package all owned workitems (recursively) will be updated or created on TFS.

When selecting a single element only that element will be updated or created on TFS.

The addin will always inform you of the results just like the TFS => EA function

Open Website

Selecting the option Extensions | TFS connector | Open Website will open the TFS website.

If you choose that option on a single workitem then the page for that workitem will open. otherwise the page for the project will open.


The following fields are mapped between TFS workitems and EA

AreaTV: TFS_Area
Workitem NumberTV: TFS_ID
Assigned ToTV: TFS_AssignedTo
Ext.Ref.IDEA GUID (only from EA to TFS)

Open Source

This software is free and open source under the FreeBSD license.

The code is managed on Github


The EA TFS connector has been developed with the support of