EA Imvertor

EA Imvertor is a a free and open source add-in for Enterprise Architect that connects Enterprise Architect to the Imvertor server Application.




EA Imvertor requires .Net framework 4.5 which is already installed on most Windows installations.


EA Imvertor is part of the Bellekens EA Toolpack which includes other useful add-ins such as

When installing you can choose which of the tools you wish to install.


The EA Imvertor can only be used in conjuction with the Imvertor server Application. Before you can use the EA Imvertor you should first contact Armatiek BV who will help you setup your Imvertor server account and environment. Once have setup things on the Imvertor side you can configure EA Imvertor to connecto to your Imvertor environment on the server


In order to open the settings window select the menu option Extensions | EA Imvertor | Settings

EA Imvertor Settings

In this dialog you can set the following settings:

  • Imvertor URL
    The URL where the imvertor server is located. This should only be changed in case of a local installation of the Imvertor server software.
  • Default PIN
    The PIN number as given by the Imvertor administrator. This PIN will be linked to an owner and will define which Processes and Processing Modes are available.
  • Default Process
    The process to run when publishing a package
  • Default Processing Mode
    The default processing mode can be changed at every individual run.
  • Default Properties File
    Location of the default properties file. This can be changed for every individual run.
  • Default History File
    Location of the default history file. This can be changed for every individual run.
  • Timeout (seconds)
    Number of seconds after which the add-in will consider the process to be timed out.
  • Refresh Interval (seconds)
    Number of seconds the add-in should wait before checking the status of the run.
  • Results Folder
    Folder where the resulting zipfiles will be downloaded to.


Right click on the package you which to publish and choose Extensions | EA Imvertor | Publish to Imvertor.
This option is only available on packages with a predefined set of stereotypes.

EA Imvertor Publish

Select the appropriate options and press OK. This will start the EA Imvertor process and open the EA Imvertor docked window where you can follow the progress.

EA Imvertor docked window

Once finished you can see the errors or warnings using the Messages button, view the execution report on the server using the Report button, or open the resulting zipfile using the Zipfile button.

EA Imvertor docked window finished

This control has the following options (from left to right)

  • Refresh
    Will refresh the status of the run. Only available if the status of the run is Timed-Out
  • Retry
    Will publish the selected run with the same parameters. This option can be used once the errors or warnings for a certain run have been fixed
  • Messages
    Opens the warnings and errors of this run in the search window
    Imvertor Messages
    If an error or warning is related to a model element you can use the standard search result functions such as select in project browser, or open the properties of the related element.
  • Report
    Shows the Imvertor report of this run in your systems internet browser
    Imvertor Report
  • Zipfile
    Opens the downloaded zip file containing the results of this run.

Open Source

This software is free and open source under the FreeBSD license.

The code is managed on Github


EA Imvertor has been developed with the support of