EA Database Transformer is a a free and open source add-in for Enterprise Architect allow for a controlled MDA-type transformation from a Logical Data Model to a Database Model

Currently this tool has been implemented for a transformation to a DB2 database. In case you are interested in using this tool in your own environment, possibly with another DBMS or other transformation rules, please feel free to contact Geert Bellekens.



EA Database Transformer requires .Net framework 4.5 which is already installed on most Windows installations.


EA Database Transformer is part of the Bellekens EA Toolpack which includes other useful add-ins such as

When installing you can choose which of the tools you wish to install.


In order to open the settings window select the menu option Extensions | Database Transformer | Settings


The Abbreviations file you define here has to contain up to thee columns:

  • Logical Name
    The name or part of the name as used in the logical model
  • Translated Database Name
    How this name should be translated in the database model
  • Suffix
    If this column contains “suffix” the translation will be added at the end of the database name.



Before you can transform or compare the logical model you will have to tell the tool which database model is linked to which logical model by adding a «trace» relation from the database package to the package containing the logical data model.




Right click on the package of the logical model, or on the database model and select Extensions | Database Transformer | Compare Database
This will open the database compare windowdatabase-compare-window2

In this window you can validate the transformation from logical to database model before actually doing the transformation.

Each row has a status field and color or format to make it obvious

  • Equal
    The new item and the existing item are the same. No change will be made.
  • New
    The item will be created in the database
  • Changed
    The item will be changed in the database
  • Deleted
    The existing database item item will be deleted
  • Overridden
    The normal transformation rules have been overridden. The existing database item will remain as it is.

Pressing the save button will save the new database proposal to the existing database model.

From this window you can also navigate to  either the database model or the logical model. You can either double-click on the left-hand side tof a row to select the logical item, or on the right hand side to select the database item, or you can use the bottom left buttons to do the same.

Complete database with DDL

When importing a mainframe DB2 database from an ODBC connection there are some parts that are not correctly imported, such as index properties, check constraints, etc… The function Complete database with DDL will correct or add those items using the DDL SQL file generated by the database.

Right click on the «Database» package and choose for the option Extensions | Database Transformer | Complete database with DDL.

You can then select the DDL file for that database and the tool will correct the database using the information in the DDL.

You will be informed of the progress in the output window

Open Source

This software is free and open source under the FreeBSD license.

The code is managed on Github


The EA Database transformer has been developed with the support of:

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