The agenda for the EA User Group event in Brussels on the 18th September 2015 has been published.

It promises a day full of interesting topics for all EA users.

9:40Modelling Microservices in EA
Sander Hoogendoorn
10:25Coffee break
10:55Track 1: EA @Track
2: Architecture and Products
3: Workshops and How-to’s
Geert Bellekens
Making Agile Work in Non-Agile Organizations: Collaborating with EA
Jackie and Ian Mitchell
Hidden Gems in EA
Peter Doomen
11:55EA@ [TBD]Smartfacts
Christoph Bergner
BPMN from Use Cases – Development of an EA Extension
Phil Chudley
12:40Lunch break
Tom Geerts
Enterprise Architect for an Enterprise Architecture
Bert Dingemans
Manage complexity with Model Based Systems Engineering
Rob de Jong
15:10EA@ [TBD]Modelling the DNA of your company
Christian Gijsels
Implementing company standards in Enterprise Architect
Dennis Geluk
15:55Coffee break
16:25EA@ [TBD]Aligning international standards TOGAF® ADM and ArchiMate® in Sparx EA: A Case Study from the Automotive Industry
Tobias Ivarsson
Extending EA with Scripting or Add-ins?
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On the 18th September we are organizing the first Belgian EA User group event in Brussels.

This event, that will take a whole day, will feature three English speaking tracks with presentations from many Enterprise Architect and IT industry experts such as Sander Hoogendoorn, Phil Chudley, Peter Doomen and myself of course.

Meet your fellow EA users, share your EA user experiences and learn new or better ways to use Enterprise Architect.

EA v12


For only € 75 you get a whole day of the best the Enterprise Architect community has to offer, including lunch and refreshments.… Read more


September 18, 2015

There are still open spots for presentations on the next Enterprise Architect User Group event in Brussels on September 18, 2015.
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Join Sander Hoogendoorn, Peter Doomen, Geert Bellekens and many others and share your story about Enterprise Architect.

We are interested in just about everything you do with Enterprise Architect, from the organisation of your model to enhancements you have made using MDG or the automation API, or even just a project with which you are especially happy with.

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With EA-Matic you can develop add-ins for Enterprise Architect using the built-in scripting feature of EA.

With this EA-Matic script you can configure your own default line-styles depending on the type of connector.

In Enterprise Architect you can choose from no less then 9 different line style for the connectors.

Line Styles

Unfortunately you can only choose from the first three to be the default line style for new connectors.

line style default options

Additionally you can also specify the default for Generalization to be Tree Style.… Read more

Bellekens has been selected by Sparx Systems as Value Added Reseller for Enterprise Architect.
As such we are authorized to sell Enterprise Architect licenses.

In the new e-shop you can order the whole range of Enterprise Architect licenses online. In time also upgrades, renewals and MDG’s will be made available.shopIf you don’t find what you are looking for in the online shop, or you still have questions feel free to send an email to, or call us at +32 (0)497 83 44 10

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How can I find out where an element or one of its specialized elements is used on a diagram in Enteprise Architect?

With this SQL search you can answer that question immediately and in a useful way.

Hierarchical usage search regults

Free download

 The model

Suppose we have modeled an inheritance hierarchy of animals as such

Animals Hierarchy

And our animals are being used as the classifier of Activity partitions in various Activity diagrams



And on the occasional Sequence diagram


Even with a simple example like this one it is not trivial to find all diagrams that use a rodent, or a bird.… Read more

One of the major benefits of using a tool such as Enterprise Architect is that you create traceability. You store the relations between different model elements in your model.

The tricky part is to effectively use that traceability for your impact analyses. Following these instructions you can create SQL Searches in EA that instantly show the impact a certain element has on the rest of the model and present them in a clear and useful way.


The meta model

In order to do impact analysis you have to know, and preferable document, your meta model.… Read more

With EA-Matic you can develop add-ins for Enterprise Architect using the built-in scripting feature of EA.

This example EA-Matic script keeps the signature of the overriding operations in sync with the signature of the overridden operation.

This is especially useful when you are modelling an interface and a number of classes that realize this interface. EA has this neat feature Overrides and Implementations accessed by Ctrl-Shift-O to copy operations from an interface or superclass to the realizing/specializing class.

EA-Matic Overides and Implmentations

This works great when you have created a new operation, or added a new realizing class, but once you change the signature of your interface operation you are on your own.… Read more

With EA-Matic you can develop add-ins for Enterprise Architect using the built-in scripting feature of EA.

This example EA-Matic script keeps the names of objects synchronized with the name of their classifier.

When modelling with objects the name of the object is often left empty because it doesn’t have any significance at that point. One of the downsides of this practice is that in things like the traceability view, or in the links view the object shows up without a name, which of course doesn’t help much.… Read more

With EA-Matic you can develop add-ins for Enterprise Architect using the built-in scripting feature of EA.

This example shows how to make diagrams that maintain themselves to make sure they are always up-to-date.

The idea is that we want a diagram that shows all the relations of the owning object. The diagram should always be up-to-date without manual intervention.

EA-Matic auto_diagram

To indicate that this diagram is an automatic diagram we nest it under the class and prefix it with AUTO_ and on the diagram we place the owning object and its related elements

EA-Matic self-maintaining diagram

Usage of Enterprise Architect Add-in Framework

This script also illustrates how you can use the Enterprise Architect Add-in Framework within your script.… Read more