In this article we discover the possibilities of Document Script fragments when dealing with complex requirements for document geneneration templates in Sparx Enterprise Architect.

The request

The other day I got a difficult request for a document generation template. At this client they are documenting Use Case scenarios using the structured scenario editor in EA. Each scenario step can be linked to a requirement element.

Each Requirement could have one or more constraints

Based on these scenarios the customer wanted to generate a test scenario document that contained a table like this

StepStep descriptionRequirementRequirement constraints
1User chooses to make a new reservation
2System show the reservation screen where the user can enter Begin, Endate and Roomtype
3User enters begindate and enddate or the numbers of nightsREQ_RV_ 403 Reservation periodInvariant: StartDate < Enddate
Post-condition: A reservation must have a reservation period in the future

The first three columns are available in the standard point and click templates, but the problematic part is the Requirement constraints.… Read more

EA-Matic, the add-in to automatically trigger your script in Enterprise Architect introduces the Developer Mode

EA-Matic is a free and open source add-in for Sparx Enterprise Architect, and is distributed as part of the Bellekens EA Toolpack

In order to enable Developer Mode, open the settings window and check the Developer Mode checkbox and fill in the Script Path.

The Developer Mode is registered per model. Typically you would enable this on your DEV model, but not on the TEST or PROD models.… Read more

The Bellekens EA toolpack v2.0 now has two completely new general purpose add-ins.

EA Validator

The EA Validator is an add-in that will help you validate the syntactical correctness of your EA model.

Validations as based on SQL queries and are fully customizable to your specific requirements. It comes with a set of example rules that may be used as is, or can serve as a basis for writing your own validation rules

EA Mapping

With EA Mapping you can map data models of all kinds to each other.… Read more

Version 4.2 of the Excel to EA Importer now introduces a new GUI to follow the progress of the import, and a massive increase in performance.

The Excel to EA importer is a rather simple tool to import stuff into EA. It has been available on the Sparx Community Site since 2009 and it has always been one of the most popular resources.

Version 2 was a small improvement allowing for different types of Elements.

Version 3 added the feature to import the glossary into EA.… Read more

The presentations for the Enterprise Architect User Group event Brussels 2017 are available for download

Whats new in EA 13 and 13.5

EA @ Jan de Nul Group

Web Collaboration – Everything is about to change

Manage a Canonical Data Model using EA

Managing with models, what difference does it make?

Using EA for the design of a metro system

This is what we need from EA

Using Enterprise Architect for architecting the TenneT Data Platform

Deriving code from models for the sake of traceability

Modelling messages with the Schema Composer

Read more

The agenda for the next Enterprise Architect User Group (EAUG) meeting in Brussels on the 5th and 6th October 2017 has been finalized.

Join us for two days of training and presentations and exchange experiences with fellow Enterprise Architect users and experts.

Thursday 5th October: an EA training day, with a small number of in-depth sessions led by approved EA training partners.

Friday 6th October: a ‘traditional’ EAUG event day – presentations,case studies and user stories.

Full details for both days will be published shortly.… Read more

Call for Speakers and/or Teachers

October 5 & 6, 2017

Dear Enterprise Architect enthusiast. Our next EA User Group event is planned on the 5th and 6th October 2017 in Brussels.

Similar to the event in London in May we will organize a two-day event.

The first day, 5 October will be the training day. This day will be filled with 1/2 day hands-on training sessions to allow us to go into detail on a variety of subjects.

The second day, 6 October will be a classical EAUG day filled with 45-minute sessions covering all kinds of EA related topics.… Read more

The Bellekens EA toolpack, the free set of add-ins for Enterprise Architect has expanded with a new add-in: the EA TFS Connector.

This new add-in for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect synchronizes workitems 2-ways between EA and TFS (Microsoft Team Foundation Server), so both from TFS to EA as from EA to TFS.

The EA TFS Connector uses the REST API web-service of TFS to synchronize items, so no local TFS (Visual Studio) installation is required, and it also works with TFS version 2015, which isn’t the case with the standard Visual Studio MDG integration.… Read more

Ever needed a helping hand, or needed an expert to fall back on if you have a difficult question or face a problem with Enterprise Architect?

Now you can. Bellekens now offers support contracts for those occasional interventions.

We offer both Monthly as yearly subscriptions depending on your needs.


You will receive a monthly invoice with all the details of the treated support tickets.

BaseBase hoursbase hourly ratebase amountextra 15 minutes **
No base*0€ 45
1 h base1€ 150€ 150€ 45
2 h base2€ 140€ 280€ 45
5 h base5€ 130€ 650€ 45
10 h base10€ 120€ 1.200€ 45

* If you choose for the option with No base the minimum charge is 1 hour.… Read more

Since my last post EA mapping EA Mapping Tool => Who wants it? there has been quite some response.

There are at least three parties that are seriously committed in joining, and a number of parties that are interested but for any number of reasons aren’t able to commit to anything just yet.

So the next logical step in the process is start building a requirements list. I’ve started with list of basis requirements listed below. Every sponsor now will now be given the opportunity to review those requirements and add some of their own.… Read more