EA-Matic v2.3 introduces Developer Mode

EA-Matic, the add-in to automatically trigger your script in Enterprise Architect introduces the Developer Mode

EA-Matic is a free and open source add-in for Sparx Enterprise Architect, and is distributed as part of the Bellekens EA Toolpack

In order to enable Developer Mode, open the settings window and check the Developer Mode checkbox and fill in the Script Path.

The Developer Mode is registered per model. Typically you would enable this on your DEV model, but not on the TEST or PROD models.

EA-Matic Settings

Automatically save all scripts to disk

When Developer Mode is enabled, and the script path is filled in, EA-Matic will automatically save all model scripts to the specified folder.

EA does not have nested script groups, so in order to have some liberty in where the scripts are placed, you can use the path= comment.

This gives the developer a bit of freedom in how to structure the script repository.

EA Refdata splitter

With developer mode enabled the EA Refdata Splitter tool is now embedded as an add-in window.

This works exactly the same as the standalone version, but now conveniently inside EA.

Text Helper

The Text Helper is a little tool that can be used by VBScript developers.
It converts a regular SQL Query so it can be used in a script, and vice versa.

Start the Text Helper using the menu option Specialize | EA-Matic | Text Helper

Clicking on the SQL -> VBS button will add double quotes in front of each line, and  ” & vbNewLine & _ at the end, ready to be copy pasted in a script.

The button VBS -> SQL does the transformation the other way around, and removes the quotes so the query can be executed in your favorite query tool.

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