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Since my last post EA mapping EA Mapping Tool => Who wants it? there has been quite some response.

There are at least three parties that are seriously committed in joining, and a number of parties that are interested but for any number of reasons aren’t able to commit to anything just yet.

So the next logical step in the process is start building a requirements list. I’ve started with list of basis requirements listed below. Every sponsor now will now be given the opportunity to review those requirements and add some of their own.

If your organisation is still in doubt maybe this list of requirements will help you to get them convinced of the usefulness of this add-in. There is still time to join in as a sponsor.

The requirements

I’ve divided the requirements into three categories: base, GUI and exchange. Below there’s a detailed list of these requirements.

Base Requirements

RQ001 The tool should be able to map an attribute to one or more attributes or associations
RQ002 The tool should be able to map one association to one or more associations or Attributes
RQ003 For each mapping between (possibly) multiple attributes and association the tool should be able to document a mapping logic
RQ004 Mapping logic should be re-usable between mappings
RQ005 The tool should be able to use either RefGUID tagged values or “link to element features” or a combination thereof to make the link between attributes.
RQ006 A mapping should be able to depend on the “path” of the attribute. Contract.Seller.Name may be mapped to another attribute then Contract.Buyer.Name, although both are Party.Name.
RQ007 All mapping informatio is stored inside an Enterprise Architect model

GUI Requirements

RQ010 The tool should represent one model at one side and the other model at the other side,showing the links in a visual obvious way
RQ011 If a mapping logic is applied this should be visually apparent.
RQ012 The mapping logic should be easily accessible from the GUI
RQ013 It should be possible create or change mappings in a very intuitive way, such as drag and drop.
RQ014 The tool should be able to filter only the mapped items from both data model in order to not clutter the user interface with unused items.
RQ015 The GUI should be entirely in Enteprise Architect and the main mapping window should use the “diagram” space of EA.


Visually the GUI should look somewhat like this

mapping tool

Exchange requirements

RQ020 The tool should be able to import mappings from a CVS file
RQ021 The tool should be able to export mappings to a CSV file


Of course all of these requirements where modeled in EA and you can download the initial requirement model below.

Join us

If you feel these requirements are a good fit to your requirements for a mapping tools send me a message at geert@bellekens.com and you may still join this community driven initiative.

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