EA Mapping tool => Who wants it?

I’m thinking about developing a mapping tool add-in for EA.
The idea is that you can manage a mapping between two types of (data) models. For example between your logical data model and your message model, or between your logical data model and your database model etc…

I already have a number of add-ins and scripts that somehow create traceability between models on element, attribute and association level, but I don’t have a tool yet to visualize and manage those traces.

To give you an idea the GUI of the thing could look similar to this:

mapping tool
Functions could include
– ability to add notes to each mapping
– ability to export the mapping to excel
– drag-n-drop to create mappings
– …
Now it seems to me like there could be many parties interested in such a tool.
I would like to develop this as a free and open source add-in (as I do for all my add-ins) but I’m still looking for sponsors.
My initial rough estimate for the development of such a tool is 15 man days.

I already have two parties that might be interested, but the more sponsors I can find the lower the price would get for each individual party.

So if you are interested in such a tool please let me know: geert@bellekens.com and we might be able to work something out.

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  1. Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas says:

    Geert, this looks good. I’m not in a position to sponsor, but I do support the initiative.

  2. Helmut Ortmann
    Helmut Ortmann says:

    Hi Geert,

    I think your proposal is a great idea. Easy manageable traceability / generation / transformation is something we are missing not only in EA or Data Modeling.

    I can also think of Use Cases in:
    – Requirements Engineering
    – Testing
    – Support of processes around Functional Safety
    where traceability and its management is a challenging task.

    From the top of the head:
    – Suspicious links (something has changed at the source)
    – Control Master / Slave documents (update target from source with options on how to handle changes)

    I’m only a freelancer in German and therefore I’m not able to sponsor with money or so.

    I wish you a lot of sponsors, great reusable ideas and a successful implementation.

    Kind regards,


    • Geert Bellekens
      Geert Bellekens says:

      Thanks Helmut. Please spread the word among your clients. If I can find 3 or 4 sponsors that would probably be enough to lower the price enough to be acceptable.


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