The Bellekens EA Toolpack combines EA-Matic, EA Navigator and ECDM Message Composer

The three free and open source add-ins for Enterprise Architect : EA Navigator, EA-Matic and ECDM Message Composer have been combined in a convenient package called Bellekens EA Toolpack.

Bellekens EA Toolpack

Downloading any of the add-ins from the site now gets you an installer for the Bellekens EA Toolpack. With this installer you can install all three add-ins, or only the ones you require.

Bellekens EA Toolpack installer

The main reason for this change is the shared EA Addin Framework. Because all three add-ins use the same framework, there was a risk at version conflicts when two add-ins were installed on the same machine because each add-in installed its own version of the framework. With the new installer the framework gets installed only once thus avoiding any possible version conflicts which are known as the DLL Hell.

An added benefit of the Bellekens EA Toolpack is the fact that is now installs the applications for all users on the machine, making it easier to distribute in a corporate organisation.

Because the Bellekens EA Toolpack is a different application from Windows point of view you’ll have to uninstall any versions of EA Navigator, EA-Matic or ECDM Message Composer you might have installed previously. Uninstalling is the easiest from the add/remove programs feature in the control panel.

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