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During the Munich EA User Group event Ian and Jackie Mitchell, known as the owners of eaDocX and main drivers of the EA User Group presented EAWorkplace to the assembled EA community.

This website, aims to become

Your one-stop shop for all Sparx Enterprise Architect tools, services and talent.

Based on four categories: Tools, Talent, Training and Resources they aim to be an independent source for all your Enterprise Archtitect needs

Bellekens.com is also mentioned, in a rather flattering way

There are a few people in the EA world who are so well-known that they are referred to just by their first name.

First amongst that group is Geert Bellekens, all-time top contributor to the EA Forum, and all-round EA guru.

His blog at bellekens.com is one of the best places for in-depth EA knowledge.You’ll learn a lot!

Currently Tools, Training and Resources are being completed. In the future they also want to include a section for Talent, where you can find specialized consultants to help you with advanced EA features.

So is EAWorkplace the “one-stop shop” for EA? No yet, but it is certainly an excellent initiative that earns our support. And with that support it may one day become that “one-stop shop” it aims to be.

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