EA Navigator 2.2 released

Since the release of version 2.1 the EA Navigator has been quite stable. Not much need for major improvements or bugfixes.

So version 2.2 has been about little changes and updates.

The most remarkable new feature is the new context menu with the ability to open the properties dialog of an element. Not remarkable because of the feature itself, but because of the loops and holes I had to jump through to get that part working. Opening the properties dialog is not really a supported API function of EA, so I had to resort to using an undocumented CustomCommand function to hack my way into it. Unfortunately I never got it working for messages.

What’s new in EA Navigator 2.2

Open Properties via new context menu

Each element in the navigator now has a context menu when you right-click on it.

Open Properties  opens the properties dialog of the element.

Select in Project Browser  selects the element in the project browser, just like a double-click would.

Fully Qualified name in the tooltip

Hovering above an element will show the fully qualified name of that element in the tooltip.

This helps to quickly see where that element is coming from (and if you need that one, or another one).

Communication Diagrams

Next to sequence diagrams you can also have messages on Communication Diagram (the old Collaboration Diagrams). Version 2.2 now also supports Communication Diagrams the same way it supports Sequence Diagrams.

This feature was requested by Chris on Github.

Datatypes and Enumerations

Datatypes and Enumerations are now also supported the same way as classes.


More Information

More information about the EA Navigator add-in for Enterprise Architect can be found here:

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