EA Navigator is now an official Sparx Systems 3rd party add-in

I’m proud to announce that the EA Navigator has made the “official” Sparx Systems 3rd party add-in list.

Sparx Systems doesn’t just publish any add-in for Enterprise Architect. Each add-in on the list has been demonstrated to the the people of Sparx, and only if they approve it it will be added to the list.

So a couple of week ago I had an appointment to do a web conference with Sparx to do a little demo of my add-in.

Now they have approved it and the part about the EA Navigator has been published, and it even has its own url for direct navigation: http://www.sparxsystems.com/products/3rdparty.html#EAnavigator.

This is how it looks like:

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  1. martinigue
    martinigue says:

    Congratulations, Geert! I am glad to hear about this open acknowledgement of the quality of your work.:-) Looking forward to your next project!

  2. LuckyD
    LuckyD says:

    Congratulations! A very usefull AddIn so not more then logical that Sparx added it to the 3rd party list.


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