EA Navigator 2.0 released

Attention! A more recent version of the EA Navigator is currently available.
See EA Navigator Downloads

I’ve just released the first “major” upgrade to the EA Navigator add in.

In this release no additional features have been added, the only thing that was changed is that the EA Navigator will now use a docked window in EA to navigate between the different elements.

Now instead of having to right-click and choose an option from the Extensions|Navigate context menu, the Navigator window will immediately show the options for the currently selected element.

In order to show this window select the option Extensions|Add-In Windows

This will show the EA Navigator control in a window you can dock anywhere in the application.

Now all you need to do to select an item in the project browser is double-click it.

The EA Navigator window retains the last 20 elements, so you can easily find the element you were working on just before.


More Information

More information about the EA Navigator add-in for Enterprise Architect can be found here:

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  1. Ian MItchell
    Ian MItchell says:

    Geert – I had a go at installing your navigator, but the install didn’t work. I get the dreaded “Error – Missing” error in the EA ‘Manage Add-ins’ page – can you suggest a fix?

    Ian Mitchell

    • geertbellekens
      geertbellekens says:


      Did you download the most recent installer (currently build
      The msi I uploaded had an issue registering the dll, but now that should be ok.
      If that doesn’t work then you can still try to register the dll manually using regasm.
      If you go into the cmd, and dir into the install directory of the EANavigator and execute following command:
      “C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv4.0.30319regasm.exe” EANavigator.dll /codebase
      It should work.



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